Hyperion Remote

Hyperion Universal remote  is a Windows Phone app to control a Hyperion server to change the backlighting of your TV using a Raspberry Pi and a light setup, like LightBerry.

As long as the JSON endpoint for your Hyperion server is enabled (usually port 19444), the remote will be able to connect to the app and change the colors.

How to use it

Go to the servers page, and add a server.  Give it a name, and an address.  Depending on your network setup, you may need to use the IP address, instead of a friendly name.

Once you’ve added a server, if the app can connect to it, the effects page will load any effects that hyperion server has registered, and will show all the configuration settings on the transformations page.

To use an effect, highlight it in the list, and use the apply button at the bottom to start the effect. use the clear button to stop the effect and go back to the normal state. Aside from using effects, you can use the color page to change the backlight to any color at any time. Pick a color using the chooser, then use the apply button to use that color. Use the reset button to go back to the normal state.

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