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Mariners 2010 Commercial Jinx?

It’s not as exciting as the old Sports Illustrated Cover jinx, nor as cool as the Madden Cover curse, but I think this year the mariners have created a “mariners commercial” jinx. The Mariners 2010 Commercials: Immortalized: A commercial about

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A cheesehead take on this Favre nonsense.

So yeah, we’re from Wisconsin. Laura’s from Green Bay. Most of her family still lives there. We joke that Laura and both of her sisters married into packer season tickets, and its even funnier that its true. We subscribe to

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Awwwwwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Brett Favre retires. A sad day in the NFL. The best reflection of my feelings is from Making Peace With Favre’s Final Days, from Jeff Bercovici@Deadspin: Sadness. Maybe Green Bay will get another quarterback as great as Favre during my

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The whole world is against us?

Watching Packers on NFL Network on DirectTV. After the cowboys kick a fieldgoal, all of a sudden, 0 reception. “Searching for satellite signal…(771)”. thats it. game came back on for about 10 seconds, then gone again. Fox+Comcast has fcked us

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Again!? Fox just switched away from Vikings @ Packers in the 3rd quarter to go to the Redskins/Eagles game. The packers are 7-1, working on going to 8-1. Do you think they’ll switch away from the Colts this week? Hell

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He only gets paid for 4 Quarters!

Sitting on the couch with my wife, fidgeting with a football as GB takes the field after the OT kickoff: Me: You know, Favre only gets paid for four quarters of football… Laura: and…? Me: Are you ready? Favre’s done

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Packer Season Tickets?

From Rick Reilly’s column yesterday: For instance, if you put your name on the [season ticket] waiting list today, you would be number 74,659. An average of 70 people give up their tickets every year, which means you’ll have your

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Two for two!

So earlier i stated that the goal for this trip was to get back to WA with one win in the two games we went to this weekend in ‘sconsin. Well, we went 2 for 2 on that goal! The

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Got a sunburn at Lambeau!

For our “paper” anniversary this year, the wife and i bought each other tickets to sporting events. We had to be in WI this weekend for a wedding in Green Bay, so i bought the Packer tickets for today, Laura

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You have to be kidding me! Fox just switched from the packer game, tied with 59 seconds left, to play 2 minutes of ADS and go to the beginning of the seahawks game! THIS IS COMPLETE BS. There’s no way

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