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A dichotomy of purchases!

This weekend, I purchased 2 items which are almost the complete opposite of each other. While they are very different items, they have some interesting similarities! Both are going to be a lot of fun, in their own little way!

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Not my week for technology…

egads So on Saturday my Xbox360 died a horrible death. Well, horrible for me anyway. It hasn’t apparently affected Laura very much.. 🙁 Tonight, for the very first time during my long tenure of TiVo ownership, i got the “Green

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iPhone? Not for me!

My Phone!Am I going to get sued for this pic? So yeah, the iPhone is pretty, but what’s the big deal. The only thing i like is the big button on the UI. My requirements are pretty specific: usb (mini)

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naviPod Remote Control

I recently purchased a naviPod remote for my iPod, because I use my iPod every day at work. Because of the layout of my office, there isn’t a convenient place to put the ipod and control it. I used the Apple supplied corded remote for a while, but then when I took my iPod somewhere else, I had to untangle even more cords. I love having a remote, but I do have some issues with the design of the remote…

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Memory stick walkman!

What’s new? Not a whole hell of a lot! I got a Memory Stick walkman, and i’m playing with that a lot (its pretty cool!) but other than that, no news is good news! This post recovered from my really

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XBox GamerCard

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