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TripIt saved my butt!

I’d heard of TripIt from people at work, but hadn’t used it. We’re going to AZ for Spring Training, and i needed to be able to print out all the itineraries and confirmation numbers and all that, but can’t from

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Two for two!

So earlier i stated that the goal for this trip was to get back to WA with one win in the two games we went to this weekend in ‘sconsin. Well, we went 2 for 2 on that goal! The

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Fun at the airport…

Traveling to the midwest can be a pain sometimes. Being from the midwest, we know that, so we planned for it. We’d been checking the weather reports, and were worried because the minneapolis area was due for thunderstorms right around

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Got a sunburn at Lambeau!

For our “paper” anniversary this year, the wife and i bought each other tickets to sporting events. We had to be in WI this weekend for a wedding in Green Bay, so i bought the Packer tickets for today, Laura

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Hawaii Vacation!

Back from our trip to Waikiki, so i have a few pics up on flickr. More to come. All of the Hawaii pics are geotagged too, so you can see almost exactly where we took them. The pic here is

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X-mas travel PAIN.

What we learned this Christmas vacation about airline travel: Never travel multiple airlines in a single trip (at least in the continental US where you can avoid it) keep everything they give you. boarding passes, luggage info, etc. even if

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Monday Night Football! (or Seattle+Snow+Traffic=NIGHTMARE)

It started out so well. A beautiful sunset on the ship canal bridge coming into Seattle. We were on our way to the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Oh how decieving a

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Mt. St. Helens!

Went to mount st. helens this weekend. Took a buncha pics. Too bad it was cloudy (the norm!), so there were no “spectacular” pics. There were quite a few good ones with sun rays, though. Here’s a panorama, though. this

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