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Now on Azure!

So as an MSDN subscriber, you get up to $150 / month of credits on windows azure. And azure supports wordpress, so… I created a site on azure in like 5 minutes, exported the content from my garage based server,

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I would buy this thing instantly.

I’m going to need to start emailing around Microsoft Research now that i work at Microsoft…because i’m intrigued by this thing: Microsoft Research’s Courier This new device, called “Courier” showed up on Gizmodo today, and i don’t know why it

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Hardware pain!

I’ve spent a couple weeks now trying to get this server back running and have had the wierdest problems…The network keeps disappearing! After a few hours, the NIC just stops working. Device manager still shows it, but the link light

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Can it be?

I was browsing random crap on ebay today…and on my profile, saw this: Member since: Feb-16-99 in United States Holycrap, really? I’ve been buying stuff off ebay for a decade? I thought that ebay would die a quick death, like

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The president is not supposed to be your friend.

I’m sorry, but the President is not supposed to be your friend. Going on TV with a NCAA bracket? Going on Jay Leno while being President? Neither of these things is Presidential. The former is a thing that a 23

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Hey mom! I’m famous!

See for yourself!. Click + to zoom in. I’m doing rock fingers, jay is doing the robot. We just barely saw him going by on our way to lunch. That was like 6 months ago? It was cold enough to

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Would nature sort things out?

I came across these two videos at the bottom of a story at, a local tv channel’s news website. If we could combine these two stories into one, which problem would be solved? Cougar Prowling Streets Of Olympia The

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This should be a SAD FACE!

This should be a sad face, not a happy face, you TiVo jerkface.And you thought it took a long time for a TiVo to restart on a normal day. We’re watching live TV through the 360 via media center. Thanks

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“I was tied up at the time…”

During tonight’s republican debate, McCain actually just said that he had voted against a 1 million dollar package to fund a “Woodstock museum”. He claimed that, woodstock might have been an important cultural moment, but: …I wasn’t there…I was tied

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I agree: “Vista isn’t that bad”

I found this article at TechReport via a post at Daring Fireball, and i agree completely. I’m not sure who all these people are who are using vista that say it sucks. I recently upgraded my computer to a new

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