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Funny Things Easton Says: Part 2

Easton is now almost 4.  I figured I’d have a “part 2” to follow up on the original part 1 before this, but, you know.  Things.  They come up.  So I’m a little behind schedule on this one. 🙂 “Gwirl”

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Why I’m buying a Kinect

Now that Kinect for XBox360 has officially released, i’m allowed to say that we participated in the beta program for Kinect, and that we’ve been playing it now for a few months. (i even got a avatar t-shirt and a

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Funny things Easton says: Part 1

Well, probably more accurately, “things which easton says or mispronounces that i find funny”. Right now all the ones i can think of are single words. he’s starting to form sentences so i’m pretty sure there will be funny phrases

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I have been a little busy for the past oh, 10 weeks, so i haven’t gotten to post. But i’m always busy with something, so i figure i should just post some little posts more often. So here’s a fun

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OH! Please, let it be a boy!

If not the overlord, maybe he is batman? Ultrasound Batman/boy? As gizmodo says: Step one: Strap Mattel’s Wayne Tech Mega Cape on him from the day he can walk. The wings spring out with a single touch, instantly readying him

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I think my baby might be the overlord?

Ultrasound Overlord I’m not the only one that sees it, am I? And this is NOT photoshopped in anyway, the image is just resized and mirrored to match the box art. If you go to the flickr page you can

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XBox GamerCard

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