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What I work on: Azure Monitor Workbooks

The last time i posted a “what i work on” was almost exactly 2 years ago.  And you know what?  I’m working on the same thing: workbooks!  but Workbooks has changed a ton since that last post. Two years later…so

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What I work on: Application Insights Workbooks

Recently, I’ve been working on Usage features for Application Insights in the Azure Portal.  Our new usage features are still in preview mode, and include Users, Sessions, Events and Retention tools.  A person would normally use them to look at

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What I (used to) work on: CodeMap debugger integration

Every once in a while, you run into one of those problems while debugging where you just don’t get what’s going on.  you’ve stepped through the debugger 10 times, and you see it happening, but you just don’t know why.

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What I’ve been working on: Open Live Writer

It was announced this morning that what used to be Windows Live Writer has been forked, modified, and open sourced under a MIT license as Open Live Writer.  Prior to Facebook, i used to post a lot more stuff here

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What I work on: CodeLens (VS2013 RC!)

As of yesterday, the Release Candidate of Visual Studio 2013 is now available! (And, MSFT changed its mind, so if you have an MSDN subscription, you can also download Windows 8.1 RTM!) The feature my team (and others) has been

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Another new office!

This one is much bigger than the last.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a single office.  it would be pretty awesome if it was.  But my team (and most of the rest of the team that makes Visual Studio) is now in

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What I work on: CodeLens!

Today at the //build/ conference, Visual Studio 2013 was announced and shown in preview form (and download!). And once again, my group (well, my group plus our larger team) made the front page of In Visual Studio 2013, when

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What I Work on: Code Map Debugger Integration

In the last “what I work on” post, I talked about the Code Map feature that was new in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate (Update 1).  It has turned out to be a very popular feature (as it should) because it

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What I Work On: Code Map

Yesterday, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 shipped! So I can officially talk about what I just worked on. Much of it has already been available in preview form and CTP releases and such, but you don’t want to get in

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Random things about working at Microsoft for a year

While I’ve only worked there for a year, because I was “acquired” in an “asset” in an acquisition, I have 11 years of “service” for things like vacation and office placement, so that’s handy.  In no particular order: I’ve installed

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