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Random Review: Dead Rising 3

Way back when the XBox 360 came out (2006!), I did a review of Dead Rising.  It was  a great game, one of my favorites of that first generation of 360 games.  When Dead Rising 2 came out in 2010,

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I Love my Surface!

I’ve had a Surface (RT) since the Surface launch day, and I love it. (Note: I am a Microsoft employee, and recently they did give each employee a Surface for primarily business use, with personal use allowed, primarily for evangelism

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Random Review: Lego Batman 2

It should almost be called “Lego Superman,” as he’s probably the best character in the game :).  Most of the Justice League makes appearances in the game, but they don’t have much importance in the story, which is a shame. 

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After Action Report: Tough Mudder Seattle

If I had to describe Tough Mudder in 2 words, the nicest version would be “holy hell”. If you don’t already know what it is, Tough Mudder is an adventure-style race. It’s generally 10-12 miles, littered with obstacles. And the

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Random Review: Alan Wake

Alan Wake was one of the most interesting games I’ve played in a long time.  The story was an actual story.  Well, it was really a story about a story, in the form of a game about a story. A

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Random Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The game begins in disappointment: you’re forced to install a console game.  So before I can even do anything, I’m forced to wait 8 minutes.  Great initial experience there. During the install I’m forced to watch a dude on screen

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Ben Avery Review #2: The Shotgunning Edition

Last year, Art took us to Ben Avery Shooting Facility to shoot some of his guns, and we had a grand old time. In what has become an annual tradition, we went again this year during spring training. But this

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Random Review: Torchlight

While Torchlight has been available for the PC for a long (long!) time, it just came out last week on Xbox 360 as an arcade game.  And it is a great game!  It’s probably the best value for an Xbox

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Random Review: Medal of Honor

This is one of the few sequels that doesn’t have a number or subtitle.  It should be something like “Medal of Honor: Tier 1” or something, as the game was mostly following some Tier 1 special forces operators through the

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Random Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is the (by my count) 7th game in the Call of Duty series. Of the recent ones (since CoD:Modern Warfare), this one had the best story. It had a very interesting psycho-drama going on, with the main character being

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