Who am I?

My name is John Gardner. That isn’t very unique! If you Bing me, you get about 46 million hits. Most of those aren’t me. My full name is John Robert Gardner Jr. Bing THAT! Not even “John Gardner” and my hometown of Markesan, WI will find me, although I used to appear near the top. The top hits are usually my dad.In my work life, I’m Senior Product Architect for Rosetta Biosoftware, a software company that is part of Rosetta Inpharmatics, which is a research company that is part of Merck & Co, Inc., but which is currently in the progress of being purchased by Microsoft.

In my work life, I’m a Senior Software Development Engineer in the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft.

Visual Studio Ultimate Group at Microsoft.

In my work life, I’m a Principal Software Engineer in the Azure Monitor group at Microsoft.  I make Azure Monitor Workbooks!
While my blog might have some things that are related to what I do at work, I don’t generally post anything about what I actually do at work.  And of course, all things here belong to me, are my opinions, and not the official position of anyone else or that of my employer.

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