I Ching

I created an I Ching app and published it on the Windows Marketplace.

The I Ching, sometimes referred to as the “Oracle of Changes”, or “Book of Changes” is an ancient chinese text of prophecy and wisdom.

This app will let you cast the coins, or divide stalks to get your I Ching reading. The app contains very minimal interpretations, so once you’ve obtained your result, consult your I Ching translation of choice to get a full interpretation.

I’ve been interested in the I Ching since i read The Man in the High Castle, by Phillip K. Dick in Tom Bacig‘s Science Fiction class at UMD. A co-worker at Rosetta even got me 3 chinese coins to use for readings.

I would have liked to include more in depth interpretation stuff in the app, but i was too lazy to get permission to reproduce content from the i ching book that i like. Maybe for a future version :).

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