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I think my baby might be the overlord?

Ultrasound Overlord I’m not the only one that sees it, am I? And this is NOT photoshopped in anyway, the image is just resized and mirrored to match the box art. If you go to the flickr page you can

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Seattle Pimp Po-Po!

Outside the M’s game friday night there was a pimped out charger cop car. Lots of nice stuff, including red and blue alternating underbody LED’s (i don’t think they were neons, nowadays). Here’s a youtube video we took too. Who

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My first upload to YouTube

A partial video of laura driving home last night in the hail. The original video goes on for another minute, just as much hail. Note: that isn’t snow on the ground. thats all hail! Its fun to watch the hail

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NumaNuma vs. StarWarsKid

If you don’t even know what i’m talking about already, then you aren’t using the internet right. I saw the “new numa” video today on the gootube, and i just think it is interesting how 2 people made famous by

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