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Verizon FIOS

Today was my install date for Verizon’s FIOS – the new super high speed fiber optic broadband. Well, it was supposed to be 9/12/2006. Then it was supposed to be 9/14/2006. Then it was supposed to be today, then it

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MY Dead Rising Review

Awesome. The best game i’ve played since Lego Star Wars last year. Best story since HL2. We’ll see if Lego Star Wars 2 can top Dead Rising! Follow the jump to read more specifics, including some things i’ve found that

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Usability Week 06

This week I had the opportunity to go to Neilson Norman Group’s (NN/g) Usability Week 2006 conference in San Francisco, and attend a 3 day usability training seminar by Bruce “Tog”Tognazzini, of “Ask Tog “ fame. The Tog seminar was

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My XBOX360 is cooler than your XBOX360!

Because my XBOX 360 is autographed by Steve Balmer! So there! I won this autographed XBOX360 at a charity auction for Clyde Hill Elementary school in Bellevue, WA. It is the pro version, with an extra wireless controller and the

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naviPod Remote Control

I recently purchased a naviPod remote for my iPod, because I use my iPod every day at work. Because of the layout of my office, there isn’t a convenient place to put the ipod and control it. I used the Apple supplied corded remote for a while, but then when I took my iPod somewhere else, I had to untangle even more cords. I love having a remote, but I do have some issues with the design of the remote…

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The Universe in a Nut Shell

Dr Stephen W. Hawking March 26, 2001 Seattle Opera House Before the Show Pic: Cover of the Program (Forgive the flash from the camera!) Pic: Before the show Movie: Dr. Hawking driving in Movie: Dr. Hawking on Politics&nbsp (Hard to make

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XBox GamerCard

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