Again, its been a while since i’ve updated this thing! since the last update:

  • I got a Playstation 2 when i was home for xmas. Just got lucky enough to be in BestBuy by West Towne mall in Madison, WI when they had some in stock. I’m currently trying to finish beating Dynasty Warriors 2 as each kingdom. Wu and Wei down! Shu to go!
  • I got a TiVo. If you don’t know what a Tivo is, you should check it out. its basicly a vcr with a hard drive instead of tapes. although, its much more than that. It has a tv guide thing built in, you can tell it to record “Seinfeld” whenever its on, you never need to know when a show is on ever again! (and the one i have stores up to 30 HOURS of stuff! i actually spend less time watching tv, but i get to watch all the stuff i would have watched. (it also tapes things that it thinks i would like!)) I can pause live tv, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I can’t watch tv without it any more!
  • My taxes were much less than i budgeted for, so i bought myself a new SGI widescreen LCD monitor. I love this thing!
  • Last night i went to see a lecture by Dr. Stephen Hawking in Seattle. It was excellent! he is amazing! here is my description, pictures and movies of the lecture. Check it out!

This post recovered from my really old blog on the internet archive @ http://web.archive.org

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