I agree: “Vista isn’t that bad”

I found this article at TechReport via a post at Daring Fireball, and i agree completely. I’m not sure who all these people are who are using vista that say it sucks. I recently upgraded my computer to a new HP, and i had the choice between a Dell with most of what i wanted and a choice of XP or Vista, or the HP, with everthing i wanted and Vista Ultimate. I got the HP.

I haven’t had any real issues so far, aside from trying to find where they moved some things or what they changed the names of things to. The new Mobile Device Center is way better than Activesync, Media Center is awesome, and everything’s much prettier.

The only real problem i’ve had was that Asheron’s Call would not update with Norton Protection Center installed. Uninstalled that and everything works. I’m currently running the trial of Live OneCare because that anti-virus stuff works with AC.

The security prompts in Vista are a nightmare, true, and i’ve had to disable that because i can’t stand being asked if i want to run a program every time i run it. At least OSX only asks you if it needs to do something as admin, and it only asks once. Apparently nobody at microsoft uses vista with the feature turned on, or they would have changed it already.

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