Awwwwwwwwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Brett Favre retires. A sad day in the NFL. The best reflection of my feelings is from Making Peace With Favre’s Final Days, from Jeff Bercovici@Deadspin:

Sadness. Maybe Green Bay will get another quarterback as great as Favre during my lifetime, but I doubt it. More likely, I will be sitting in front of a TV with my son 15 years from now, completely ruining his enjoyment of the game by explaining to him, in patient detail, how the starting QB whose jersey he saved up his lawn-mowing money to buy is in reality a weak-armed numbnuts unfit to hold Favre’s jock. Is this how it feels to be a Bears fan?

Well, presuming that “baby Atari Bigby” is a boy.

Now thats the right name on the jersey!
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