A cheesehead take on this Favre nonsense.

So yeah, we’re from Wisconsin. Laura’s from Green Bay. Most of her family still lives there. We joke that Laura and both of her sisters married into packer season tickets, and its even funnier that its true. We subscribe to DirecTV just to watch Packer games. I wear Packers or Brewers or Badgers stuff almost every day in one way or another (hats mostly!) We have a freakin shrine to Brett Favre in our kitchen. I’m not shxting you!

the shrine

The pic is from Laura’s brother-in-law, taken on the field during a game in the late nineties.
He’s a pro photographer who was college roomates with the son of the Packers former VP, Bob Harlan. We stole it in a xmas gift exchange a few years ago. The packer stuff is always stolen several times during those things.

See, i told you so! Its a FRIGGING SHRINE!

We live in Washington state, and we still got to one game a year at Lambeau. If possible, we go to any Green Bay game in Seattle as well. We are pretty die hard fans! (did you see the shrine?!) At the end of last year, we didn’t think Favre would quit. I’ve always told everyone i know that Favre won’t retire, he’ll play until he gets injured in a way that he just has to quit. I’m talking loosing an arm and a leg, as i’m pretty sure he’d continue with only one or the other.

We discussed this whole stupid thing during our vacation this weekend because we saw it everywhere. Here’s what we think:
Brett, you can come back to the Pack if…

  1. You schedule a press conference, in Green Bay, at the same location as your retirement press conference.
  2. At said press conference, you tell everyone that you are sorry, you were wrong. Crying optional, at this point it couldn’t hurt.
  3. You tell everyone you’re willing to come to camp, and that you see that there’s another guy who could be the starter, but you will work your ass off during camp to prove that you deserve the starting job.
  4. If you don’t win back the starting job, you don’t quit again. You’ll get your chance when Rodgers hurts himself midway through the first quarter of the first game. 😛
  5. You take a pay cut. If this is really about you really want to play football, make it about football, not money. It doesn’t even need to be a real paycut. make it 1%. i’d be a fan of 1/17th, the pay for one game. The amount to me doesn’t matter, I just need some symbolic act.

We’re kindof sick of all of this text messaging, and stuff through your agent, and stuff from your brother or from former players or former coaches or whatever. Be a man about it already.

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