I would buy this thing instantly.

I’m going to need to start emailing around Microsoft Research now that i work at Microsoft…because i’m intrigued by this thing:

microsoft courier? image snagged from gizmodo.
Microsoft Research’s Courier

This new device, called “Courier” showed up on Gizmodo today, and i don’t know why it hasn’t gotten more press. Maybe because its still in a “late prototype” phase and everyone assumes there’s an apple iTablet thing due any time now?

I’ve never been a fan of the ebook reader things because they just don’t look right. my laptop, for how small it is, isn’t the right form factor either. My iphone is just too small to read on. I think this thing is about perfect! I had a Vadem Clio years ago, and it was the closest thing to the right size device for what i’d like to carry around, but it was underpowered and the touchscreen wasn’t anywhere near the size or quality as they are now.

vadem clio
Vadem Clio. now ancient technology!

But this Courier device looks like it would work great with the right ebook reader software, and a coworker already said it would be a great machine to fold over, with a screen facing each way to play battleship on :). It would be a great meeting computer, surf the web on one side, take notes on the other. I’d never need another paper notebook ever!

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