Random Review: Modern Warfare 2

Fastest review: Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare was better.

The AI might have been crappy in the first one, but at least the story made sense. Yes, there was a controversial section in this one. But it should have been more controversial that it was horrible horrible writing. Hey, I’m standing here with a fully loaded machine gun, and the world’s most wanted terrorist and his dudes, I could end this whole story RIGHT HERE and be the hero of the world. But instead, i think i’ll let some terrorists waste a bunch of idiot tourists who just stand there. Um, no. And you’re telling me that airport cops in Russia are armed with pistols? God, i hope not.

Multi player is about the same as the original, but much more complicated. Death streaks are cool, and are definitely the place for last stand and martyrdom, but tactical nukes that end a round as a kill streak reward? Meh. Some idiot who can run full speed all the time and stab you instantly with a knife from 10 yards away? No thanks. Some douche running around with 2 double barrel shotguns? Bleh. Heartbeat sensors? Some huge screen real estate to show pictures and titles and stuff that nobody cares about? I think they spent way too much time thinking of all the things they could do and not enough time thinking about what they should do. The main storyline was like a bad season of 24. No, like 3 bad seasons of 24 rolled into one season.

And the sequel didn’t even have the saving grace of the AC130 mission that the original had! Firing missiles from a drone just doesn’t compare to the AC130. And yet you can shoot from it in multiplayer?

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