Mariners 2010 Commercial Jinx?

It’s not as exciting as the old Sports Illustrated Cover jinx, nor as cool as the Madden Cover curse, but I think this year the mariners have created a “mariners commercial” jinx.

The Mariners 2010 Commercials:

Immortalized: A commercial about a composite painting of all of the bullpen pitchers as a “cohesive” unit. Bullpen 2010: Mark Lowe: Traded. Bunch of the guys: injured. Bunch of guys: DFA’d. The rest, marginally effective.


Meaningful Moments: Junior plays a prank on Ichiro. Junior 2010: 0 HR’s, retired. Ichi’s been ichi.


The next big thing: A marketer tries to sell Hyphen on a hyphen t-shirt. I’d buy one. However, Ryan Roland-Smith 2010: ineffective, injured


What’s in a Name: Felix and Chone Figgins pick on Cliff Lee because he has 2 first names. Cliff Lee 2010: Traded. So good for him, but bad for the mariners. Felix 2010 good, but no run support. Figgins 2010: hasn’t lived up to the hype.


Last, and most recent result:

Running Catch: Z and Don Wakamatsu golfing. Everything they hit, Guti catches. Wak 2010 42 wins, 70 losses: fired.


Of all of these commercials, the only ones you can really still air are the bullpen and hyphen…and maybe the junior one.  I bet the Mariners’ marketing department didn’t plan on that!

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