Another new office!

This one is much bigger than the last.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a single office.  it would be pretty awesome if it was.  But my team (and most of the rest of the team that makes Visual Studio) is now in “Team Rooms” in the newly remodeled Building 18.  Team rooms are the new hotness, apparently.  I think that every team in b18 (including managers, etc!) are all in team rooms.

Old office in building 41, in photosynth panorama form:

photo (10)


New office in building 18, also in photosynth panorama form:

photo (7)


The team room looks really big, but that’s partially because there’s no computers in that picture.  Once everyone has their 2+ monitors and 2 computers slung under the desk, the room fills up quickly.  I’m still looking for a bamboo plant or something to put in the “hole” between the 4 desks where I am.  We’ve been in the team room for about a month now, and so far, it isn’t so bad.  The layout of the building itself makes for a lot of people wandering into the teamroom looking for a conference room, or the copy room, but other than that things are good.  Well, except the time I got trapped in the elevator.  But that was only for a couple minutes 😀

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