Random Review: Deadpool

I randomly got Deadpool for xbox 360 from my gamefly.com queue. I have no idea when I added it, I’m presuming a long time ago since this game was released more than 2 years ago.  But it finally came up to the top of the queue, so I played it.  Went in with low expectations, since it was so old…

It was hilariously awesome…for adults!

My kids love Deadpool in the Lego: Marvel Superheroes game; he has lots of funny animations, and quips like “I’m not dead.  I don’t have a pool.”, and so my children will just say that, for no reason at all while playing.  But there’s no way I would ever let them see me playing this game.  It is brutally violent, has tons of swearing, and lots of sexual innuendos, hence the Mature 17+ rating.  Playing this game made me super excited for the upcoming movie with Ryan Reynolds!

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