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Updating my office!

Since the FIOS guy was going to have to, in all likelihood, drill a hole in the wall to install our super high speed innerweb, we were going to have to move everything in my office. Since we were going

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My XFire “Gamercard” hack.

With Xbox Live, you can get yourself a snazzy little “gamercard” for your website/whatnot by inserting a little html. XFire has the same kindof thing with their “miniprofiles”, but i like the look of the live version better, so i did a little hackery.

XBox Live version My Xfire version

Specifics after the jump! bonus points if you know what “famous person” HiroProtagonist is. :p

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Paper mache Bobblehead halloween costume

Our paper mache Bobblehead halloween costums were the best halloween costumes EVER! About 40 hours of work, several weeks worth of newspapers, 2 giant balloons, 20 little bottles of paint, 5 lbs of flour and some hot glue make a pretty good costume! More details and pics inside!

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PK Hunter architecture

Details about my PK Hunter plug-in, service, and website for discussion in game development class.

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Mac Plus database server!

My Mac Plus case mod is complete! Its the most powerful MacPlus ever in existance!

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Updates to BargainHunter

I’m back into playing AC (Asheron’s Call) again, so i need to go back through and update all of the plug-ins i’ve written! Since Trophy Hunter and PK Hunter are all working fine, but Bargain Hunter wasn’t working completely, so

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Mac Plus case mod

Modding a mac classic case to hold this web server. I already have the LCD monitor in it, now i just needs to squeeze the rest in. Pics up soon, hopefully.

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I just registered the domain, so that might not be working yet, but i added a link to the strategist site to the bar on the left. Its amazing, i hadn’t worked on this app since 7/11/2001! All of the

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XBox GamerCard

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