I built my first thing over the last couple weekends. I use the term “built” very loosely, as in this case, “building” meant routing one edge of a piece of oak, painting it, and screwing some brackets into the wall. 🙂

I was originally going to make the brackets, in fact i used the jig saw to make one, but then couldn’t find any keyhole anchor things that were the right size, and while looking for those at home depot, i found metal brackets that match the brushed aluminum style of other stuff in the office.

Having the table saw was nice though, as it gave me a large stable work area to clamp the piece down to route it! So now i have a nice shelf on which to put my growing collection of bobbleheads. 4 Favre’s, 3 Ichiro’s, 1 Cecil Cooper (another on the way!), 1 Yount, 1 Uecker, 1 Sexson, and 1 Dwight Shrute.

Click the pic to go to the flicker page for my bobblehead panorama shot. Here’s a link to the whole set with a couple other pics.

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