TripIt saved my butt!

I’d heard of TripIt from people at work, but hadn’t used it. We’re going to AZ for Spring Training, and i needed to be able to print out all the itineraries and confirmation numbers and all that, but can’t from work because gmail is blocked. So i was going to just forward all the emails to work, but instead decided to forward them to instead and see how well it worked.

They link everything together, parse it all and put it into a slick itinerary combined with weather, maps, directions and other cool stuff. Its a lot cooler than i expected it to be.

And by looking at it all in one place, i realized that i had booked the rental car for the wrong days! (We land at almost midnight, i accidentally put in 11:30pm for the next day!). Seeing it in the wrong place on the list made it trivial to find and correct. I’d had the emails and printouts from the rental car place on my desk for a week and never noticed i had the wrong days! Fixing this kind of thing at the airport at midnight would have been a GIANT nightmare!

Update 3/25/08: TripIt saved us twice this trip, actually. The itinerary printout also had directions from PHX to the Hotel. Our GPS tried to take us to a completely different place (you know something is wrong when it takes 30 seconds to plan a route and it tries to go around 800 miles instead of 31) and then died altogether. It got into this mode where it had a buggy route stored in memory somewhere, then crashed hard. when it restarted we had to go through the full setup again, but it remembered where we wanted to go, so it tried to recalculate the route and crashed again. If we popped out the map card, it went to a full reset, but after putting the map card back in, it would still randomly crash when we used it. I think we need a new map memory card?

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