NumaNuma vs. StarWarsKid

If you don’t even know what i’m talking about already, then you aren’t using the internet right. I saw the “new numa” video today on the gootube, and i just think it is interesting how 2 people made famous by stupid internet videos took totally different paths. Even more interesting is how both of the original videos pre-date youtube, and pretty pretty much started the viral video thing. I remember watching the star wars kid videos off of a 32M thumb drive someone brought to a party. People were almost as excited to see this new thumb drive thing as they were to see the video.

  • Star Wars Kid (Ghyslain Raza), recorded himself playing “lightsabers”, but didn’t keep the tape. someone else used video editing to rotoscope in a light saber. Kid is shamed almost to death, goes into depression, sues people.
  • Numa Numa dance (Gary Brolsma), made a video of himself lipsyncing a song. it was so popular that there are hundreds of copies of it out there, spawned its own site

Follow the jump for youtube videos of what i’m talking about. if you don’t know, you’ve missed out!

I think it is interesting the similarities of the two of them. They are both nerdy, overweight, and goofy. In fact, they look like they could almost be brothers!

One posted the video himself (Brolsma), the other had it posted because he didn’t take the time or effort to keep the tape he made (Raza). But it appears to me that Brolsma was the only one who moved on with it, taking it with a sense of humor. I’m sure that Raza would have laughed seeing his video too, if it wasn’t him staring in the video. Stephen Colbert did a “green screen challenge”, where he did almost the same thing as Raza. Raza probably could have been on the show and made some cash from it! Wierd Al even had a parody of it in his White and Nerdy video. Man, if Raza had a sense of humor, he could have made out big time doing the talk show circuit, starting a website, and selling tshirts and dvds.

Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid: remix

The original Numa Numa dance.

The NewNuma video.

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