Want an overpriced Resolver?

I never thought that i’d see anything i worked on would show up on ebay. Well, mostly because i work on software for a living. And its very specialized software. And it isn’t really something you look for on ebay. Well, hopefully someone does… and hopefully they have a fat checkbook. And if you really want a real Rosetta Resolver®, let me know, because i can get a bonus for the sales lead (i’m not in sales, so i don’t get a commission! 🙂 ), and i can get you a new one for probably cheaper than that!

The best part of the auction is that they didn’t post screenshots or screen captures. they posted digital photos of the monitor. classy. There’s a pdf attached to the auction that is a series of photographs of a powerpoint presentation. And they didn’t even use an lcd, its a curved CRT, so you can even see the screen refresh. Awesome!

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