So maybe my signed XBOX360 isn’t so great…

If you’ve read the, My XBOX360 is cooler than your XBOX360, then you know how about a year ago, i bought an XBOX 360 at a charity auction which was signed by Steve Ballmer.

I’ve had some “This disc cannot be read” errors, requiring a restart, but they only happend in 2 games (PGR3 and Oblivion), and after restarting, the system generally worked fine.

That all changed today when i was going to continue co-op Gears of War with a friend. The dreaded “Ring of Light” appeared….

I then spent time talking to the computer voice to walk me through trying workarounds to make it work, but “max” (or whatever the robot’s name was) couldn’t help me, so i went onto hold. While on hold i took pictures of all of the serial numbers on the console (Manufacture date: 2005-12-07!), hard drive, and power supply. The apologetic tech asked standard questions, then asked for the serial #, and told me it would be replaced free of charge, free shipping.

So now begins my drama of having the xbox repaired/replaced. The tech on the phone said that it was going to probably be replaced, so my “signed” xbox might be no more. 🙁 I’m not going to take the top cover off, because that would void my warranty and i’d have no xbox at all!

We’ll see how well the return process goes, as a friend has had 3 defective ones now, so the one he just got back from service is going up on ebay and he’s getting a Wii instead….

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