The best analysis of the VT-Massacre

After reading so much crap (literally, crap, everywhere) about the massacre, this post at Zen of Design is by far the best thing I’ve read. It has some very good links to videos about Jack Thompson’s anti-videogame craziness too.

…Any time I see anyone blame books, tv, music or video games for a school shooting (and based on the Tech incident, perhaps we should add Microsoft Word to the list), I always feel like people forget what it’s like to be young. You know, back when you lost all perspective. When getting a ‘B’ in Humanities might ruin your life forever, and how you’d never love again after that girl next to you in Chem blew you off in front of her friends. You can’t appreciate that, in ten years, you probably won’t remember her name (although I think it was Erika). When you’re young, the highs are high, and the lows are so low that some kids get fooled into thinking that the Cure is good music…

It sums up just about my entire feeling about these situations, and is far more eloquent than i will ever be here on my blog!

There is a lot more good stuff there, so go read the whole post.

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