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When i reviewed Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter back in March of last year, i said this:

The AI enemies seem to be a bit smarter than the AI friendlies though. it seems that the enemies will hide behind cover and fire, but if the friendlies are told to attack a target, they’ll move from behind their cover into the open instead of shooting over/around their cover. Some sections i need to just have them hold somewhere while i pick people off one by one. My biggest peeve is that if a teammate is incapacitated right next to them, they just stand there like a dufus and watch him die. Sure, you can tell him to give first aid and he’ll do it, but come on, you saw your buddy get shot! Hide and fix him already!

What do i have to say about GRAW2? Follow the jump!

I’d say the exact same thing about GRAW2. The sniper chick is a little better about it, but man, the tank and stryker crews drove me insane. He’d say “No sir, i can’t do that sir” between shots of the cannon. You’re shooting at him already, stop telling me you can’t shot him.

The “fleeing vehicle” secondary objectives weren’t all that exciting either. The story wasn’t bad, and the humor between the guys was great. “Just like old times, eh?” “Yeah, if you consider yesterday in mexico city ‘old times'” :).

Still didn’t play any multiplayer. I played a couple games of GRAW1 multiplayer, and just got destroyed. So i didn’t even try multiplayer in graw2. still not a big fan of getting destroyed by little kids at video games. I woulda played coop, but i don’t want to play coop with strangers, i want to play coop with friends, like i did with Gears, but none of my friends have GRAW2. My bro didn’t either. So there’s that! No coop for me!

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