The year in review!

I review the year’s best (imo!) TV shows, and Games! Follow the jump for the whole thing. Its a little long!

Best (new) TV Shows

I’m not going to cover existing shows, there’s just too many things (crap) we watch. But of new shows there are 2 standouts for me:
Chuck – Its a great story that is every nerd’s dream come true. A nerdy job, a super-mega-ultra-hot pseudo-girlfriend, and being a spy! What more do you want? There’s been some very witty stuff in there too. My favorite thing so far is from a couple weeks ago where the guy who used to play marshall on alias is going all gymnast and backflipping to get away. Sarah just looks at him funny and shoots him in the knee when he lands. “That wasn’t good sportsmanship!”, Casey says, totally seriously. The three main (spy) characters are awesome, and the other “Buy More” employees, especially morgan, are hilarious. And chuck et all pull off the regular nerdy dude thing pretty well. Is Apple a product placement advertiser? there are ipods and iphones and crap all over this show. Yet every broken phone someone comes in with is a non-apple product… hmmmmm…

Reaper – I love this show. The characters are all pretty good, but the sexual tension part of the Sam/Andi thing is a little lame for me. I’m glad Sam got a new girlfriend, even if she may be the devil’s daughter…Sam’s soul catching friends are great too, especially “Sock”. The devil character is exactly what i expect the devil to be like: a total dick, but a smooth talker, who can get just about anyone to do just about anything, and make you think it was a good idea. I remember the actor (Ray Wise) from being on Twin Peaks. I loved the first season of that show too. I really hope the writer’s strike (BS!) doesn’t kill this show!

Best Games – Single Player

Bioshock (360) – one of the most interesting games i’ve played in a long time. great art direction, story. No spoilers, but the evolution of how you interact with the big daddies through the game was pretty awesome. I was hoping that after the ending you’d get to free roam the place to try to finish up your achievements would be cool, but no dice.
Portal (360/PC) – as i stated in a previous post, best ending ever. Some of my friends are going back through and doing the challenges, but i have too many other games to play!
Guitar Hero 2 – i’m still not through hard, but close. I’m stuck on “Psychobilly Freakout”. grrrrrrrrr!

Honorable Mention

Half Life 2: Episode 2 (PC) – it was pretty good. but it took forever to come out!

Best Games – Multiplayer

Gears of War (360) – it came out at the end of 2006, but i didn’t start playing it until January. Jeff and i played through it on hardcore with voice chat over live. it was pretty frigging awesome!
TeamFortress2 (360/PC) – Spent a lot of time in TF2, but not lately because of bioshock and other things. Mostly on the PC, but a little on the 360. its a lot better on the PC with all the extra keys to use. using the controller to switch classes or disguise was painful. and until the first patch, i couldn’t even get a kill the network was so bad.
Tetris (360) – Laura and i have played a TON of local multiplayer tetris. We even played some on live to get some achievements.
Rockband (360) – This has been pretty awesome at parties. people pick up the guitar pretty easy, and some people know all of these songs, so it has been a blast. Even on easy the drums are hard compared to the guitar. on easy guitar, you only have to worry about 3 buttons and strumming. on easy drums, you’re still using all 4 drums and the bass pedal. As soon as a song is over everyone says the same thing: “My leg is getting tired!”

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