Another Halloween, another WIN!

Another halloween, another “best group” costume win. Our carpool went as the blue man group, and jeff (and jay) also built a “Drum-bone” that we played a little routine on. Somehow through all the pictures/etc at work, i don’t think anyone got a video of us!

Unlike the real blue men who use a blue paint that comes off, we used liquid latex. What a mess, and what a pain. It took us 3+ hours to do all of the prep with baldcaps, liquid latex, costumes, ick. Plus the time it took jeff to find parts and actually construct the drumbone. It turned out awesome, and we actually won 2 prizes at at work, “best group” and the “golden frankie” which is a little hard to explain 🙂

There are a bunch of pictures of prep and other halloween stuff (some that might be NSFW!) in this flickr set!

And yes, i know i’m posting this like a month late! I’m catching up on blogging tonight, since there is nothing on TV.

we're winners!
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