2 Years Later: Marvel Precision .22LR 1911 Conversion Review

My mini-2 year review of my Marvel Precision .22LR 1911 conversion. This is a continuation of my adventures with it, continued from the original post, and my 1 year followup!
I’ve been keeping religious track of range time in a Numbers spreadsheet for about 9 months now, so I can give exact numbers and ammo used and everything. in the last 9 months i’ve fired:

CCI Mini-mags: 300
CCI Stingers: 133
Total: 433

Follow the jump for the rest of the details and some pics.

10 @ 30'

a failure to feed

In the last 9 months, in 433 rounds, I’ve had 2 Failures, total. For a .22LR pistol, that is completely acceptable to me! Both of them were failures to feed, one stinger, one mini-mag. when it happens, it happens hard.

When they get stuck like this, sometimes they can be a pain to get out. most of the time its no big deal though. Other than 2 FTF’s in the last 9 months, i’ve had no issues.

2 years of shooting and here’s what you get (pardon the the poor iphone pics!). All of the pics are at flickr, some of them have additional notes on them if you want more details.

Stingers: 30 @ 30′

30 @ 30'

Stingers: 10 @ 50′

10 @ 50'

Stingers: 10 @ 30′

10 @ 30'

I love my Marvel conversion. Aside from the initial break in trips to the range, and trials with cheap ammo, things have been great. I use mini-mags almost exclusively and have hardly any issues, except maybe one failure to feed a month. It shoots more accurately than i could ever hope to! I should really bench rest the thing and see how well it shoots without me! This was all at Sam’s, where i was freezing to death! i could see my breath when i was shooting. And its an indoor range! Brrrrrrrrrrr.

Nitpicks: the only “issue” i’ve had is that the screw that holds the compensator to the barrel comes loose (i even have red loctite on there) from time to time. every few mags i try to wiggle the comp, and if it moves at all i’m done shooting .22 for the day! I’ve only had one problem there where the compensator went downrange (oops!).

My only other nitpick is that the marvel precision website doesn’t seem to work right in firefox or safari on a mac. things that are links (like the ordering page!) on IE aren’t in firefox or safari. wierd. might not help your sales 🙂

I like the conversion enough that recently I’ve bought another 1911 (used) so that i can have a dedicated “lower” for it. That way my springer can go back to being a pretty stainless .45!


If you have any issues with images on this page, you can see them in this set @ Flickr.

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