Not again!!!!

Almost 2 years ago (Feb 3, 2007) Today (Dec 6, 2008)

Ah, crap…. RRoD #2 on my 360. March would be 3 years and the end of the free replacement warranty… maybe i need to buy a new one? I could just get a new jasper/arcade one for xmas for myself…but that would be sad!

What really sucks is that the xbox 360 is the “hub” of our theater room entertainment center. Without the 360, there is no dvd player, no netflix instant queue, no music, no games…crap! If netflix was on tivo (coming in december?) we’d at least still have that available, but nope. And the web based “repair my console” registration is down for maintenance, so i can’t even get a replacement box sent asap!

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