The Xbox 360 NXE is pretty cool!

me myself and i

You can’t really tell, but that is totally a camo hat! too bad i couldn’t figure out how to put it on backwards! I already signed up for a netflix trial membership and threw stuff into my instant queue and was watching superbad within 1 minute! sound was a little quiet, picture not super-awesome, but its still going to be so convenient, given that we can’t get on demand through the tivo.

I also copied battlefield:bad company onto the hard drive, since i have lots of disc read errors on my xbox360. the first copy to the drive failed at 43% with, wouldn’t you know it, a disc read error! the second try worked, and thats all i needed to know. I saw that Fable2 saw a lot of benefits with running from the hard drive, so that’s the next one to get copied. good thing i bought that 100g drive!

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