The Xbox360 repair process got WORSE since last time…

So last night i tried to go to the xbox support website to get my 360 repaired. But the site was down for maintenance.

Today i went to the support website to get my 360 repaired. I get a useless page that tells me to fill in fields that don’t exist:

something is missing...

That’s awesome. So i have to call the 18004MYXBOX number and talk to the robot. Then i got a guy, and we went through the troubleshooting. Yes, 3 red lights, yes the upper right one is off, yes the power supply light is green. Tried it without the hard drive, tried it without a memory card, i’ve done this before, the console has been repaired before. If you leave it off for a few hours, it will start up and you may or may not get into the dashboard. I got in long enough to copy my profile to a memory card so that worst case i can play on jimbo’s xbox during xmas…

Anyway, the process used to be easy: they’d get your address, they mail you a box and a shipping label, you put the xbox into the box, tape it up, take it to the UPS store, done. Yeah, well the guy on the phone said the policy changed. Now they give you a reference number. 24-48 hours later, you go to the website and put in the number. you then print out a shipping label yourself. and you find your own box. you find something to package it up in. and you take all that to the ups store. so it isn’t as “free” or as “easy” as it used to be. It used to be that all of the “work” was MS’s effort, they were going out of their way to make it easy to fix something they royally screwed up in the first place. Now, all the effort is on you. I’m betting that some people won’t waste the time or energy and will forget about it, or will go buy a new arcade instead… i’m tempted!

Luckily, the box it got shipped back to me last time was in the pile of boxes in the garage, so I don’t need to do anything but wait for the website to acknowledge my service number…

poor baby!

So sad!

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