A small wood finishing project.

Before i get to the wood part of the project, can you identify the object the wood goes with?

mystery object

If you’ve never seen one stripped down, you might not recognize it. Here’s a better “pre” picture that will make everything clear.

before folded

OMG SO SCARY AK47 MACHINEGUN!!11!! No, its an AK variant, a Yugoslavian M70AB2 underfolder. Its semi-automatic, not a “machine-gun”, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s less powerful than most hunting rifles. Yes, it accepts 30+ round magazines, but so does almost any semi-auto gun these days. Why do i have one? Because (1) i like guns, and (2) the bill of rights says i can, so there! And this way when zombies attack or red dawn goes down, i’ll be ready…Everyone should have at least one AK!

But to me it doesn’t look right with all that plastic, so here are the parts getting replaced (bottom), and the replacements (top):

pieces parts

Inbetween sanding and painting other house projects the last couple days, I’ve been sanding, fitting, oiling, and waxing those wood pieces. Finished, looks much more correct now. The result:

after folded

Unfolded to its full size:
after, unfolded

Thanks to Ironwood Designs for the fantastic quality, made in the USA handguards and grip. Well worth the wait!

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