Random Review: Dine Around Seattle

During March, Laura and I hit two restaurants as part of the Dine Around Seattle program. From March 1 to March 31, a bunch of Seattle area restaurants do a Sunday through Thursday, 3 course for $30 special offer. Some of the places are pretty high end that you might never go to. Thankfully we found a good babysitter, so we’ve been able to go to two! If we hadn’t gone to AZ on spring break, we might have hit more!

Barking Frog, Woodinville

Barking Frog is located near the wineries and Red Hook brewery in Woodinville. The Herbfarm and Barking Frog are both located in theWillows Lodge hotel area. We went for Laura’s birthday. Everything we had was great, and service was too. Laura had the prawns as her first course, and she devoured them. She thought they were awesome, and could have eaten several more plate fulls as a meal. I had the steak tartare, which was also awesome. We both had the pork short ribs for dinner, and both loved it. For dessert, laura had the Pear and Ice cream, and I had the molten chocolate cake. perfecto! The pace of the meal was a little slow, but we kindof expected that. In places like this they aren’t in a rush to get you out and seat the next group 🙂 While normally a little expensive, we’ll probably go back for a special occasion. We’re also thinking about staying at Willows lodge hotel as a little stay-cation!

Eva, Seattle

Eva Restaurant and Winebar is located in Seattle (probably technically in the Wallingford neighborhood?). We went for no special reason, other than that we wanted to hit another dine around Seattle restaurant and we had a willing babysitter, which is good enough reason, I guess! This time i had the prawns for my first course, and laura had the baby beets salad. I’m not much of a seafood person, but i thought the prawns were great. They were a little spicy, which probably helped for me. The beet salad was interesting, because it had baby beets that were orange, and blood oranges that were…well, beet red! For the main course, Laura went with the vegetarian option, asparagus and goat cheese crepes with hazelnut pesto, and I had the pork tenderloin. Laura, in summing up the crepes:

Do you think it’s okay if I lick the plate?

The tenderloin was good, you could really smell and taste the thyme. Laura set up a little herb garden a few years ago, so we always have fresh thyme, and there’s no mistaking it! For a fancier restaurant, the portions were pretty big at Eva. For dessert, Laura actually broke up her 3 for 30 dinner so she could get a dessert that wasn’t on the 3 for 30 menu. She’d kinda planned it that way by going with the vegetarian option, as the vegetarian 3 for 30 is actually $25 instead. In fact, she’d even picked Eva because of the dessert, or more correctly, 3 desserts in one, the “Eva Trio”; Meyer Lemon Ice Cream, Maple Pot de Crème with Walnut Praline, and a Saffron Panna Cotta with Watermelon–Rose Jelly. I went with the apricot sour cream coffee cake. All were delicious. the coffee cake was HUGE!

We can’t help but recommend the dine around seattle deals, when they restart them. Or, if you hurry, there’s still a couple days left! It lets you get out on non busy day and get a great deal in some great places. We’d go broke if they did it all the time, though! There are at least a few restaurants on the list that we’re going to hit regardless of the deal, but if we can go to them twice, once on the cheap, even better!

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