Random Review: The most expensive meal we’ve ever eaten…

For Valentine’s day (weekend), Laura and I had dinner at The Herbfarm restaurant. It definitely gets into the “Top 3” of meals I’ve ever eaten, but does not get the top spots. It was the most elegant, well prepared, fanciest, and most gourmet meal we’ve ever had, though.

For reference, #1 is Steak for lunch in a tiny little family restaurant in Porvoo, Finland, #2 was J P’s in Cannon Beach, OR, the dinner the night before we got engaged. Interestingly, the herbfarm is #1 of the “non-steak” dinners.

Quick Summary: 9 courses, 5 wines, and 4 hours well spent. for more details and the pics (if you haven’t already seen them) are in this set at flickr! The pictures do better service than i can here with words. It was an awesome place and awesome meal!

The Executive Chef, Keith.

I had started this post the week after valentine’s day, but i totally forgot about it in its “Draft” status, so i clicked “publish” today 🙂

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