I would buy an iPad if…

Now that courier is dead (i’d link to that gizmodo article, but being a microsoft employee, i’m supposed to link to that instead), i’m looking at a new laptop or something.

I’d buy an ipad if it had “case” that made it like a my old clio. my horrible ‘shop:


(aside: what do you call a “photoshop” that isn’t done in photoshop? this was done via paint.net)

It lets you hide/protect the screen, and yet lets you use the keyboard when you want, or use it as a stand to watch stuff without holding it, but you can pop it out when you want the lighter screen to do stuff with.

The closest thing so far, is this ClamCase ipad dock thing:


(aside: at least my ‘shop didn’t have a backwards screenshot! to photoshop disasters you go!)

It’s kind of sad that one of the most exciting ipad accessories to me turns an ipad into a laptop 🙂 But all of these things are expensive, and i could just get a new laptop instead for like half the price.

OR, i could get a new touchscreen laptop, an extra touchscreen, some screwdrivers and a piano hinge and some glue and make my own courier? If only i had the time and effort required to do that…

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