Ben Avery Review #3: Lotsa-shotguns edition

They say, “Variety is the spice of life.”  That’s almost the perfect description for my 3rd trip to the Ben Avery shooting facility during our annual spring break trip to Arizona.

This year, Jimbo, Art, and I shot trap again, but rotated through a set of shotguns to see which one we liked (or which ones liked us) better.

The trip to Ben Avery is always one of my favorite parts of the trip, even if it is only a couple hours of our week.  This year, I even remembered to bring my earplugs and shooting glasses.  One of these years, I’ll have a trap gun of my own, and maybe I’ll bring that along as well.  And maybe by then, Easton will be joining us.  But that’s a long way off :). 

The gun I shot the best with was a Browning. In the picture, it is the beautifully engraved one near the center.  It might be something like this one, but I’m not positive.  the engraving looks the same to me, and it did have a stock like that one has.  It is a beautiful gun.

This year, after having been there a couple years previously, Jimbo and I dressed a little more comfortably, wearing shorts and t-shirts, instead of jeans like we did last year. 

And again, it was a beautiful, blue sky sunny day.

While we were setting all our stuff down and getting ready, Art went to get us signed in and ready to go.  And then some dude stole our bay!



So we packed everything back up, and moved over a bay, and unpacked again.

After one round, a random dude joined us, but other than that, it was the same setup and just as much fun as last year, just with more guns!

The only other interesting this this year was that Art was trying out a new gun, a pump action one! 



Of the three of us, Art probably still shot the best, even using the pump gun that isn’t really the optimal setup for trap, compared to some of the other guns!

When the end of the day looks like this, with a ton of boxes full of empty shells, you know you had a good day!


Like always, I’m ready to go back, any time!  I wish there was a huge range like this as close to us as this range is to Art!  Although it is probably good that there isn’t a range like this that close, or I’d spend all of our disposable income on ammo!

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