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The BEST picture from our wedding!

Just got emailed this today from my uncle perry: Go to flickr for the full size image, and see if you notice something…. strange! Stranger than your initial reaction!!

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The Inn at Discovery Coast

Currently in Long Beach, WA. It’s windy and raining. But isn’t that a given here? 🙂 anyway, we came over to the LB-WA to see the sandcastle building competition and have a weekend to ourselves before Laura jets off to

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Great Timing!

So yeah, after driving through some pretty crazy rain squalls, getting to the airport at ~11:30 pm when the main road to the airport is shut down for construction, we get a flat tire. right at the airport. At least

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Ah, military motivators!

Man, i love some of the milblog sites that are around today. particularly the Military Motivator site. That’s a keeper! Its about time we used the “but its for the children!” line to support the war.

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I wonder if they still give these out today?

Here’s a link to a scanned version of a little booklet that the US “War Department” gave to soldiers who were being sent to Iraq (i-RAWK, according to the book, where Iran is EE-RAHN) back during WW2. Its kind

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And you think your wife is a neat freak?

You think your wife is a neat freak? Has yours ever vacuumed the back yard? 🙂 I laughed when i saw her doing it, and i needed to get an “out of context” picture for laughs. She was vacuuming up

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The best analysis of the VT-Massacre

After reading so much crap (literally, crap, everywhere) about the massacre, this post at Zen of Design is by far the best thing I’ve read. It has some very good links to videos about Jack Thompson’s anti-videogame craziness too. …Any

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Blogger’s code of conduct?

So there’s a big brouhaha on the intertubes about this whole “Blogger’s Code of Conduct”, as proposed by Tim O’Reilly, et al. Apparently they never learned from the Comics industry… == ? At least they aren’t proposing that there’s a

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Want an overpriced Resolver?

I never thought that i’d see anything i worked on would show up on ebay. Well, mostly because i work on software for a living. And its very specialized software. And it isn’t really something you look for on ebay.

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“E-gate”? you have to be kidding me.

According to king5 news here in Seattle, some port of Seattle police officers received or sent or forwarded on some porn or “racist” emails (the “racist” email they used as an example was a video (probably a link to a

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