Painted Calipers!

So i decided to paint the calipers on hazy “porsche” red. I can’t afford a
porsche, but i CAN afford to paint the calipers like porsche started doing a couple years ago.

Follow the jump to see all the progress and pics!

My caliper painting adventure!

Here’s a pic from our trip to helsinki in 2000 to show the the porsche calipers.

So hazy’s look kinda boring compared to that:

You can see that the porsche stock rotors are drilled too. lexus isn’t cool enough for that 🙂
Just for clarification, i THINK that the porsche wheels are 18’s, but Hazy’s are only 17″.

Things i bought: G2 caliper paint. don’t remember where, but here’s
G2’s page. Not to be outdone by the white
“porsche” printed on the calipers, i also got some decals from Flatline Graphix. See
this post at for details
on Jeff’s decals. I also got some high temp clear coat spray engine paint to make sure that they
ended up nice and shiny!

Friday night i put the car up on jack stands. The G2 paint is really a 2 part epoxy paint,
so once you mix it, you only have 4 hours or so to use it all, so its kinda silly to jack it up
one wheel at a time and do several coats.

Hazy off the ground!

Then off came all the wheels. I masked off all the areas that i don’t think i was
supposed to paint over, then started putting on layers of the G2 paint.

Calipers all masked

The can says there will be enough for 2 coats. there was enough for like 8. I put
the first couple coats on thin, by then it was starting to get late (i started at ~8 pm,
after lifting the car and taking off the wheels and masking all the calipers, it was
probably around 11. ~20 minutes between coats and after actually doing 2 coats, it
was probably around 12:30. so i decided to put it on thicker. 2 more coats later and
there was still a TON of paint left over. i slopped one more coat on and decided to
stop. I used the rest of the paint to paint the edge of a shelf in the garage where i
park the car. There was STILL some paint left. i decided to go to bed.


Saturday morning, i got ready for step 2. the decals. I started with the lexus logos
on the rears, then the passenger “IS300”, then the driver IS300. I let them sit for
a while, then put a thin layer of the clear coat spray on. for some reason, the edges of the IS300
decal on the drivers side started to curl. none of the others did. strange. i pressed
it back flat, and let the clear coat dry, but as soon as i put on another layer of clear,
the decal curled again. i ended up removing that one. but then there was a wierd
IS300 shape left in the clear coat. so i sanded it back to smooth, then put a few layers
of clear back on. i need to get another decal and redo that one.

Decals and Clearcoat

While waiting for layers of clearcoat to dry in the afternoon i alternated between
watching the M’s game on tv and washing and polishing the wheels. i figured that since
they were off, i might as well clean them and polish them up!

Saturday night i put the wheels back on and took it off the stands.

I’d say they turned out pretty good!

Wheels with Decals

Update 10/2/02: i got a couple new decals from Flatline_IS and fixed the drivers side caliper.
washed it, sanded it, washed it, rinsed it, put on the new decal, and reapplied clear coat.
its looking good!

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5 comments on “Painted Calipers!
  1. chris says:

    are your decals just straight vinyl, and do you think a clear coat is necessary?

  2. John Gardner says:

    the decals are vinyl. You don’t NEED to do a clear coat, but if you do, it might prevent the edges of the decal from getting dirty/peeling/etc. And it may make the decals look a lot cleaner, and feel smooth instead of feeling the edges of the decals.

  3. Collin says:

    What Clearcoat spray did you use?

  4. John Gardner says:

    Afaik, it was a high temp clear coat, either duplicolor or something similar.

  5. matthew says:

    hi, i would like to get the is300 front caliper decals and “L” rear caliper decals. Can you help me measure the size of the front and rear decals . I might need it bigger or smaller.


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