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During the previous week, the company i work for, Rosetta Biosoftware, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosetta Inpharmatics, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck, the pharma giant)) moved offices from Kirkland, WA (the “east side”) to the South Lake Union area of downtown Seattle. Well, not just biosoft, all of rosetta moved into a new 4 story building in the new “biotech mecca” of south lake union. The University of Washington has a building next door, and the “Hutch” is just down the street. Paul Allen and Vulcan Ventures own almost all of south lake union now…

This brings about all kinds of interesting changes…

Old Commute: 15 minutes, 30 max. down I405, or backroads. (one way)
New Commute: 30 minutes minimum, no upper bound. down I5, hopefully using the express lanes into downtown. (one way)
Winner: Old Commute.

Old Office View: Pics on a sunny day even!

New View: Interesting. Hard to be productive though!

New New View: Ah, much better!

The one wall is frosted glass, on the other side is a hallway that has glass windows to the street.
So the wall is effectively a giant natural light. The stripes you see are some artsy glass on the other side
that looks different colors depending on where the sun is.

Winner:“New” slightly edges out “Old”. On sunny days i had to close my blinds in the old office because there was too much glare. The new office has a nice filtered natural light that isn’t too bright ever.

Old distance to closest bathroom: 27 steps from my office.
New distance to closest bathroom: 144 steps. And need my keycard to get back through security.
Winner: Old bathroom.

Old Parking: Outside.
New Parking: Inside, lit, semi-heated. Under tight security.
Winner: New Parking

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