Another (blue) Halloween, another win!

Last year it was blue man group, this year: SMURFS!

4 of us were smurf boys:

(Brainy, Papa, Grumpy, Handy smurf left to right, and a nice background photoshop job by jay)

Last year we used blue liquid latex, which was a nightmare to put on, but trivial to take off, because it all just came off as one big piece. This year was blue grease paint makeup, which was easy to put on, but took forever to get off. For the entire weekend Laura was finding more blue paint in my hair here and there.

Aubree was smurfette: (need to find a pic, i don’t have one from my camera)

Jeff was Gargamel:

And Yelena was Azrael:

Yelena also “Elucidator‘ified” her costume because we just told her to be an orange cat, she didn’t know what the group costume was before the day of halloween.

At work, Jeff got the win for “best overall costume”, and collectively we got “best group”. Thats 3 years in a row for best costume, i think both Jeff and i have each won something 4 years running though?

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