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What I work on: CodeLens!

Today at the //build/ conference, Visual Studio 2013 was announced and shown in preview form (and download!). And once again, my group (well, my group plus our larger team) made the front page of In Visual Studio 2013, when

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Now on Azure!

So as an MSDN subscriber, you get up to $150 / month of credits on windows azure. And azure supports wordpress, so… I created a site on azure in like 5 minutes, exported the content from my garage based server,

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What I Work on: Code Map Debugger Integration

In the last “what I work on” post, I talked about the Code Map feature that was new in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate (Update 1).  It has turned out to be a very popular feature (as it should) because it

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I Love my Surface!

I’ve had a Surface (RT) since the Surface launch day, and I love it. (Note: I am a Microsoft employee, and recently they did give each employee a Surface for primarily business use, with personal use allowed, primarily for evangelism

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What I Work On: Code Map

Yesterday, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 shipped! So I can officially talk about what I just worked on. Much of it has already been available in preview form and CTP releases and such, but you don’t want to get in

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Random Review: Lego Batman 2

It should almost be called “Lego Superman,” as he’s probably the best character in the game :).  Most of the Justice League makes appearances in the game, but they don’t have much importance in the story, which is a shame. 

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After Action Report: Tough Mudder Seattle

If I had to describe Tough Mudder in 2 words, the nicest version would be “holy hell”. If you don’t already know what it is, Tough Mudder is an adventure-style race. It’s generally 10-12 miles, littered with obstacles. And the

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Funny Things Easton Says: Part 2

Easton is now almost 4.  I figured I’d have a “part 2” to follow up on the original part 1 before this, but, you know.  Things.  They come up.  So I’m a little behind schedule on this one. 🙂 “Gwirl”

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Project: Toy Car Garage

Like I said last time I built something, every time Laura and Easton (and now Barrett) go somewhere for a week, I end up doing some project that consumes all of my free time, and half of my sleep!  I

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Trying out TFSPreview

For my home development projects, I’ve been using the “Basic” setup of Microsoft Team Foundation Server for years. I have it running on my “server” box in my garage, but pointed at a Sql Server Express database instead of a

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