A dichotomy of purchases!

This weekend, I purchased 2 items which are almost the complete opposite of each other. While they are very different items, they have some interesting similarities! Both are going to be a lot of fun, in their own little way!

Item #1 Item #2
It is: Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 A General International Table Saw!
It looks like gh2! General International

For a more detailed table of differences and similarities, follow the jump!

Simply put A guitar playing video game a manly table saw
Difficulty of assembly

literally plug and play!

The stand alone was 20 pieces, about 120 assorted nuts, bolts, washers, and an exploded parts diagram!

Probable cause of injury?

Its basically a whiffle ball bat with some electronics. you could probably choke yourself with the cord?

Its a table saw! it has a giant, sharp metal blade spinning at like 10000 rpm.

But before we use any power tools, lets take a moment to talk about shop safety. Be sure to read, understand, and follow all the safety rules that come with your power tools. Knowing how to use your power tools properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury. And remember this: There is no more important safety rule than to wear these, safety glasses.

Norm Abrams, host of the New Yankee Workshop, every episode before using the first power tool.

Actual injuries caused

Oh god! the muscles in my forearms that are used to close my hands are killing me! Remember to stretch!

But probably because it didn’t come with a saw blade! 😛

Fun at parties?

Definitely a party game.

I’m sure it would be fun. once. after the lawsuit, it probably wouldn’t be fun anymore.

Practice/training to use well/correctly

On easy, its not too hard to grasp, or play. on medium it’s picked up the pace and the difficulty real fast. i can’t even imagine hard and hardest!

I could use it to cut something right now. but it probably wouldn’t be straight 🙂 Using it well is a long time coming! I don’t know that i’ve used a table saw since Dad’s back in the garage in high school or college!


Again, its basically a whiffle ball bat with some electronics. Plus, i finally got to use a Toys’R’Us gift card we got for our wedding!

This thing is awesome. Heavy, industrial strength. Cast iron, steel, high power motor, means not cheap!

Chances of buying again/another.

Well, to play it at parties, you need to have 2 guitars, don’t you? Plus, guitar hero 3 is coming out by the end of the year… and they’ve said that the next one will be wireless!

Other tools, yes! Another table saw? hopefully never!

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One comment on “A dichotomy of purchases!
  1. Jay says:

    Now I can’t wait for the next party at your abode.
    We can get trashed, build furniture, AND ROCK!

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