i wanna play cod4!!!

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So my brother got me Call of Duty 4 for Xbox360 for xmas. he also got me hooked on CoD4 during xmas. While home in WI, i downloaded my xbox live profile to his xbox so i could get my own ranks and stuff on live.

Now i’m home, and xbox live is all messed up, so i cannot recover my profile back to my own xbox. So i can’t use any of my saves on any games, i can’t play multiplayer anything, i cannot really do anything without starting over from scratch in any game, knowing that once i do get my profile back, i’d lose whatever progress i get offline. I understand that a lot of people might have gotten xboxen for christmas, but they should have had much worse during the halo3 launch.

Live is so screwed up that it even has majornelson.com (live’s official mouthpiece’s site) hosed, so i can’t even go there to complain. I’m not going to waste my time going to call live support, because then i’ll just talk to some guy in india who will hang up on me. The xbox live status page says:

Users may experience intermittent issues logging onto Xbox Live. Our engineers are continuing to investigate and are working to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The only thing they don’t say is that they are “taking it seriously”. Then we’d all know that they are working on it. Although, maybe that’s what majornelson’s site says. big thumbs down for live yesterday and today.

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